Local and regional delivery shuttles

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        Choose from three service levels:


 Same Day Service: Provides pickups on an ASAP basis with no hard delivery deadline.    

                              Deliveries in by 11am  accomplished within three hours based on



  • Rush Service: Packages are picked up within Appr.1.5 Hrs. and delivered

  • within 1–2 hours based on mileage


     Direct:  pickup/drop direct service


  • Have an important document need to be delivered after regular business

      Our dispatchers and drivers are available 24 hours a day. 




            Express it courier offers


  •   Schedule deliveries

  •   Dispatchers have real time monitoring of couriers

       Couriers are paperless with the ability to update status and proof

        of delivery on the road.


  • Electronic Signature Capture


  • Special Pricing is available for daily routes.


  • Independent Delivery Specialists that are certified in HIPAA Compliance