Express it courier was created to make the last mile package delivery seamless, affordable, and efficient. We deliver to and from pharmacies, hospitals, labs, clinics, doctors and dentists offices, and research facilities. We also service veterinarians and pet pharmacies.







Express it Courier offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative to in-house medical couriers. We can provide dependable, scheduled routes for medical deliveries that are customized for very specific requirements, including temperature-controlled climates. Our drivers receive ongoing training, ensuring specimen integrity, biohazard control, and safety with pharmaceuticals/controlled substances, all within H.I.P.A.A. compliance.


  • Dentists 

  • Labs

  • Clinics

  • Doctors

  • Hospitals


Our on-demand dispatch team will secure and assign a dedicated courier within minutes of receiving your order. Specimens are always transported in appropriate equipment, such as multi-compartment coolers for ambient, chilled, frozen samples, or any cold chain needs.




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